Discipleship In Focus

We are all familiar with the stories where Jesus selects a band of disciples, lives his life with them, ministers with them and mentors them. This approach to the formation of followers was common in Israel of Jesus' day it was this life-on-life phenomenom that facilitated the transfer of information and ideas into concrete historical situations.

Discipleship is the ongoing, life long process of dicovering and living out God's call to the person God created you to be as you participated in God's purpose in creation in your partiular title and place.

Disciples And The Work Of Ministry

The Apostle Paul makes it clear that your discipleship journey was never intended for you alone , but that as you were impacted, taught, delivered, healed, saved a d transformed, so also you have the responsibility to reproduce like-wise. So you as an intentional disciple has a responsibility which nobody else should take or do, in respect to your world. IT IS YOUR MINISTRY!.

Mystery Of Spiritual Fatherhood

Be careful how you speak against your father, because the devil that fought your father will one day fight you.

Fathers are the prophetic voice that either release the blessings or the curse.

The call of god flourishes or dies based on our ability to relate with fathers .most of us desire to speak prophetic words like isaiah , enjoy prominence like daniel , be a man after god's heart like david , be used as a deliverer like moses , move in an unusual realm like jeremiah , be a pace setter like ezra, be an example of the women folk like ester , and deborah and carry the anointing of paul the apostle.

The secret is in this book

Beauty And The Beast

The concept of this book came as I pindered on some amazing events in my life, and how I see it eating up some of the loveliest people around me, who are either members of my ministry or had at one time or the other come to me for counselling. It has eaten them up like canker-worm, it got me thinking, if it all what it seems to be, I see good, passionate and spiritual Christians , but looking through the dark glass, it pains me to know that they are struggling with this moral defects or that character flaws. So one day, as I studied my bible, at first normal, but then the Apostle Paul's statement kept coming strong at me. Romans 7:14-25

Pinky And The Brain

I know of a particular sister, I got to know her when she was in secondary school and ever since then I helped her in the journey of Discipleship. But every time it came for her to put the word of God to work in her life, it is always frustrating to see her inability to do so after so many years of training.

The most terrible part of it is she blames everyone for her misfortune but not herself. In fact, it got to a point where she started stabbing herself with biro, and when asked she would say a thought or voice impressed on her to do.

A breakthrough came one day when I prayed, the Lord spoke and told me "The devils wish to make everyone mad if he has the power to do so". This word started me on the journey that led to this book.

The Minister, His Ministry, His Mantle (MMM)

A wise man is a man that is willing to pay any price so that he can increase in learning and therefore do things better for the greater good.

My son, give attention wisdom, let your ear to be turned to my teaching; so that you may be ruled by a wise purpose ; and your lips may keep knowledge. Proverbs 5:1-2(BBE)

King Solomon was given or sharing certain instructions or wisdom that he expects his son, who is a beginner in life to keep and do, I'll also love to share certain things you need to do, certain price you need to pay, to fulfil God's ministry for over, and with your life.

There are God's prerogative, God's instruction and directive with which you can do ministry. You cannot do the other way round, you have to follow instructions. You are to learn ministry in God's way to success.

Basic Bible Studies

Do you want to experience the supernatural, see beyond the written pages of the bible and become the instrument of faith and growth in the hands of the Lord? Then be rest assured as you diligently this manual it will help you in fulfilling the great commission.

Where Are The Missionaries

While reading and studying a book " One hundred and Twenty reasons for been a soul winner" by Bishop Dag Heward Mills, I got to a particular paragraph and the Holy-Spirit spoke to me, "write a book, encouraging Christians to go back and continue real missions, encourage Christian to become missionaries".

Daily Quiet Time

This is a compendium of bible doctrine that can be used for quite time, new convert discipleship class and quick bible study, its contents are rich with bible truths such as Eternal life, righteousness by grace, how to meditate on God's word, what to do when your prayers seems unanswered, and so much more.

A People of Prophecy

Many of us think that prophecy is something new, or let me rephrase my statement, we think prophecy means God is saying something new about my life, God is doing something new about my situation, or about my future; Prophecy is only revealing what God had already decided would happen, He reveals this to you, He gives you the choice to either accept His own divine will for your life by taking actions of faith to consummate it, or reject His will by our ignorance, stubbornness or whatever and indirectly receive the plans of the enemies over your life.