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Expand your understanding of Scripture.

Advance your effectiveness in ministry.

Earn certification for your knowledge of the Bible.

STEPHEN NYENTY (SN) School of Ministry is an online Bible school dedicated to bringing affordable biblical education to students around the world. It is SN’s mission to Connect the Word with the World by offering accessible, sound teaching online. At stephennyentyministries.com we offer lifetime access to high-quality courses that can be taken at your own pace.

 Earn one of our certificates or just find a specific course that interests you, whether you want to learn all about the WRITING MINISTRY AND IT’S BUSINESS COMPONENT or ACCURATE PROPHETIC MINISTRY AND IT’S ACTIVATION OF PROPHETIC GIFTS to understand the basis of ministry and how to be effective in whatever ministry calling the lord has given you,

 CHURCH ADMINISTRATION, or one of many other fascinating subjects. SN courses are available à la carte, so you can choose to study only what interests you, unlike most educational institutions. Join SN  today to see what thousands of students are so excited about!

Looking for an affordable online Bible study? Start now and browse SN’s entire course catalog for a topic that interests you. Our courses are self-paced and come with lifetime access and the opportunity to earn a bible certificate. Study a variety of topics.

SN continues to develop and teach relevant curricula to equip students around the world. Whether you choose to take one course or many, SN is here to help you succeed. Studying online allows you the flexibility to learn from home or from anywhere with internet access. You can earn a Bible certificate online for a fraction of the cost of even one course at a brick-and-mortar institution. With immediate online access and start-up costs beginning at as little as 40,000. There is nothing to hold you back from pursuing your dreams of a biblical education.

Register today and begin your course immediately. To start the process, simply choose your first course and follow the prompts to check out.  We look forward to having you as an SN  student.